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Business Intelligence

   Transform seemingly unrelated data points into business intelligence through the use of data analytics. Gain insights about your business' productivity, efficiency, and ability to scale; identify trends, anomalies, and answer critical questions. Leveraging data analytics and business intelligence will significantly assist cannabis stakeholders become better decision makers.

Why is it important?

   The largest cannabis organizations are heavily investing into analytics and business intelligence to gain detailed insights into their business' financial and operational performance. Important relationships between various data points can go undetected causing businesses to fall behind their competitors. Operational analytics are used by both large and small cannabis businesses to forecast growth and analyze past performance against industry or market trends. It helps cannabis businesses make actionable decisions that can increase efficiency, improve productivity, and so much more.


   In this competitive landscape, financial and operational analysis is no longer a luxury, but a necessity. If a cannabis business is struggling to be profitable, detailed insights from our analytics can help find those inefficiencies hurting your bottom line. We can help your Cannabis businesses scale and separate you from your competitors.

Our Solution

 At Cash Grows CPAs, we can build dynamic and real-time dashboards that provides your stakeholders with insights that is informative and actionable. We can work with your team to build measurable key performance indicators (KPI's). The benefits to our operational analytics solutions include;

  • Strategic decision making abilities

  • Increase revenues

  • Competitive advantage

  • Optimize existing operations

  • Identify cannabis market trends

  • Identify operational problems and opportunities

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