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Employee Training

   Our certified public accountants are experts in cannabis accounting, bookkeeping and internal controls. Bookkeepers and accountants that work in the cannabis industry need to be trained properly for cannabis accounting, tax laws and regulations.

Why is it important?

   Hiring a regular accountant for your cannabis business could hurt your business more than help especially if your accountant does not specialize in cannabis accounting. Cannabis accountants must know an abundance of IRC codes, tax, laws and regulations according to the state and locality they conduct cannabis business. 


   Misappropriating expenses without proper documentation in the cannabis industry, can have sever consequences such as the IRS not allowing a cannabis business to deduct expenses legally allowed under IRC 280e and IRC 471.

Our Solution

   At CashGrows CPAs, we train your regular accountants into expert cannabis accountants. Hiring CashGrows CPAs to train your employees and set internal control procedures will ensure the effectiveness of your cannabis business's structure. The more knowledge your employees know surrounding cannabis accounting, tax, laws and regulations, the more they can help you find efficient and effective solutions to help support your cannabis business.  

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