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Tax Planning

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   Tax planning is a crucial step to a businesses success and we can help you align your goals as your business grows.


   Due to restrictions of IRC 280E, professional accountants need to be well versed in the cannabis industry and the IRS's position on legally deducting certain business expenses that main stream businesses normally don't have to worry about.


   We also provide payroll tax preparations and can assist with State Sales Tax and State Excise Tax.

Why is it important?

   Taxation in the cannabis industry is highly complex due to the lack of guidance by the IRS. The constantly changing laws and regulations add to the complexity of taxation in the cannabis industry.


   No one wants to put there business at risk or over pay their taxes by working with accountants that do not specialize in cannabis accounting and taxes.

Our Solution

   With an extensive background in accounting and taxation services, our certified accountants are fully equipped to handle all your cannabis tax matters. Our cannabis experts have expansive financial knowledge and are equipped to handle all your taxation needs, no matter how complex. Whether your are a large or small business, we are ready to help serve your taxation needs.

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